MyHomeSolutionsLLC provided an estimate for roof repairs to be performed. MyHomeSolutionsLLC was prompt with returning my voicemails and flexible to meet my schedule

As weather permitted Mike showed up promptly on the first day along with a crew of 4. The dumpster was dropped onsite the same day the materials were delivered and the crew set up ladders to the roof and began work right after unloading their vehicles.

A piece of equipment called an Equipter allowed them to keep the grounds cleaner than expected as it is mobile and they could move it around the house needed, protecting gardens and flower beds.

The First day they completed the roof for all they had stripped and the second day the same. The second day they began 7 am and worked until the rain came but made sure the roof was properly buttoned up prior to leaving. Their return on Monday for a half day to complete the porch roof along with all new gutters was a model efficiency. Michael had stated that the work would be completed by noon and he was spot on. All work was completed and the yard cleaned up, dumpster removed and all equipment rolled out at 11:50 AM, All in all, I am very satisfied with the workmanship, attention to detail, the professionalism of both Mike and his crew, as well as the price. Excellent work all around.


Mike and his crew replaced my roof. My house was built in the mid 80's, and the roof was approximately 30 years old


Mike and his team did a great job removing my existing shingles and roof

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