Mike and his crew replaced my roof. My house was built in the mid 80’s, and the roof was approximately 30 years old

I found MyHomeSolutionsLLC through Angie’s List after having fielded estimates from two other area companies. Of those companies, one had a sales process that was too complicated, time-consuming, and aggressive, and their price was astronomical. The other company who bid was too casual and also came in too high. Having done some roofing work as a young man, and having worked as a carpenter, I am familiar with the estimate process, cost of labor and materials, potential contract pitfalls, and generic approaches that ignore specific issues or put band-aids on them. When I read MyHomeSolutionsLLC List reviews, I called Mike and scheduled an appointment, and, unfortunately, I made it a little tough on him — I was overly ambitious. I had to reschedule twice, but he graciously accommodated me and I really appreciated that. Throughout the entire process, from introduction to estimate, to work, he was an excellent communicator and super responsive. In his estimation process, he was a good listener and he was thorough. His price was some 40% less than the nearest bid, but that’s not the main reason I went with Mike. He was personable and authentic — I felt I could trust him. It made clear all of the steps and deliverable s, and it included things that the other companies charge extra for. In the event that some of your sheets are damaged (which mine were not), his price per sheet is excellent. When I signed the contract, which I did on the very day when I met him (I would have never done this had I not already met with other companies), he understandably wrote a window of time for the work into the contract, but he said he would probably perform the work within two weeks. I was a little dubious about that, but sure enough, he was good for his word. His crew was efficient, conscientious about making a job site of my house and yard, and they were in and out in two days. Clean-up was excellent. Mike and I inspected the work, and they did everything that was contracted, and they did it well. In summary, I highly recommend MyHomeSolutionsLLC, for their quality work, for the way the company is run, and for the force of character that Mike possesses. It is not often that you will find a contractor with this level of integrity.


My Home Solutions LLC removed my roof that had three layers on it and replace with a new plywood, and a new roof


MyHomeSolutionsLLC provided an estimate for roof repairs to be performed. MyHomeSolutionsLLC was prompt with returning my voicemails and flexible to meet my schedule

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