I hired Mike about 5 years ago to replace my roof on my 1957 1800 sq foot ranch home

I hired Mike about 5 years ago to replace my roof on my 1957 1800 sq foot ranch home. He gave me a great price, thousands lower than 9 other roofers, completed the job when he said he would and even paid for the extra warrantee coverage. His workers are well trained and very fast & the system they use left no nails or shingles anywhere on the ground. The lift system they used (like a small dumpster with wings) was wonderful as all the debris went into that rather than on my mature bushes & stone mulch. They used the same lift to bring the new shingles up to the roof very efficiently. I had 2 layers that had to come off first which the crew finished in the 1st day as well as 1/2 the new roof was completed. This also included replacing 6 sheets of plywood that were water damaged, re-flashing the chimney and adding a ridge vent (which was requited for the warrantee of the shingles). The 2nd day they only needed to work till noon to finish the roof. I should also mention that I asked for hurricane nailing which requires more nails per shingle, Mikes workers did it no problem…I suggest you do the same.
I also had Mike install all new gutters, I wanted large 6″ commercial gutters & downspouts, Mike had a sub that did those large gutters and they did a nice job with that too.
I have recommended Mike to several friends and they all had him do their roofs and they also are very satisfied with his work.
In conclusion, Mike is a good contractor, he’s their at the start of the day and comes back to check the work to make sure everything is done right. He answered all of my questions, did all the extras I asked him to do and we always had very good communication through out the process, like when there was a delay due to rain. I highly recommend Mike for roofing & gutters!


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