My New roof

We just moved into our new home and needed the roof need repair and replaced. We received several quote. Neighbors suggest I call Mike at My home Solution, we scheduled a appointment for a free estimate. Mike explain every little detail that needed to be done to fix and replace our roof. The work was completed as schedule and the crew was very professional The new roof looks great and they left the property clean after the work was completed

Thanks Mike


The crew at My Home Solutions is like a well-oiled machine. They know their business, they work really hard and get the job done in a clean orderly manner. I was very pleased with the job. I would recommend them anytime to my friends and family.

I hired Mike about 5 years ago to replace my roof on my 1957 1800 sq foot ranch home

I hired Mike about 5 years ago to replace my roof on my 1957 1800 sq foot ranch home. He gave me a great price, thousands lower than 9 other roofers, completed the job when he said he would and even paid for the extra warrantee coverage. His workers are well trained and very fast & the system they use left no nails or shingles anywhere on the ground. The lift system they used (like a small dumpster with wings) was wonderful as all the debris went into that rather than on my mature bushes & stone mulch. They used the same lift to bring the new shingles up to the roof very efficiently. I had 2 layers that had to come off first which the crew finished in the 1st day as well as 1/2 the new roof was completed. This also included replacing 6 sheets of plywood that were water damaged, re-flashing the chimney and adding a ridge vent (which was requited for the warrantee of the shingles). The 2nd day they only needed to work till noon to finish the roof. I should also mention that I asked for hurricane nailing which requires more nails per shingle, Mikes workers did it no problem…I suggest you do the same.
I also had Mike install all new gutters, I wanted large 6″ commercial gutters & downspouts, Mike had a sub that did those large gutters and they did a nice job with that too.
I have recommended Mike to several friends and they all had him do their roofs and they also are very satisfied with his work.
In conclusion, Mike is a good contractor, he’s their at the start of the day and comes back to check the work to make sure everything is done right. He answered all of my questions, did all the extras I asked him to do and we always had very good communication through out the process, like when there was a delay due to rain. I highly recommend Mike for roofing & gutters!

Penny G. replaces her roof with mike

I had to replace the roof on my house in 2014. I searched the internet and received multiple quotes. When Mike Tullo came to my house, he promised me no one would beat the price he was quoting me or of his work. I got many quotes. In the end I chose to go with Mike because he is honest, and he takes great pride in his work. Four years after he replaced my roof it needed to be replaced again as a result of hail. My neighbor suggested that I call the person who did her roof, but I called Mike because I know he does quality work. I hope I don’t need to have my roof replaced yet again, but if I do I know that I will be calling Mike.

Five star rating. I had

Five star rating. I had a question regarding moss and algae growing on my roof. Mike was patient and informative in telling me the reasons for the growth; what concerns, if any, I should have; and how to solve my problem. Judging from the friendly manner and the helpful advice provided me, I believe that My Home Solutions will provide you honest, straightforward and knowledgeable services and products.

Mike has re done our roof in our old house 6 years ago

Mike has re done our roof in our old house 6 years ago. We have moved and he will be redoing our roof on the house we now live in. MyHomeSolutionsLLC has done a number of our friends roof’s and they all agree they are the best. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. MyHomeSolutionsLLC has a long list of satisfied clients

Replaced Roof

MyHomeSolutionsLLC did a great job on our roof, and Mike and his crew were nothing but professional and responsive throughout the entire process. My husband and I were out of town while the work was being done, and multiple neighbors relayed to us how efficient, clean, and quiet the workers were while on the job. Our house looks amazing with the new roof, and we would recommend MyHomeSolutionsLLC to anyone.

Replaced 20 year old 3 tab roof

The MyHomeSolutionsLLC team did an excellent, highly professional job in replacing the roof on our home, from initial estimate through completion and cleanup. Michael performed a thorough review of the existing roof and skylights, provided written estimates and explained the role and advantages of each of the products that he would be using. The installers were efficient, fast and careful to protect the area surrounding the home. It was impressive watching the coordinated execution by his team, who had clearly worked together often.

The project was completed on-schedule; I was kept updated throughout; the results, including some unanticipated repairs that they handled, are exellent.

Come on Winter, Were ready!

Mike and his team did a great job removing my existing shingles and roof

The work went smoothly. Very courteous and professional team. After a rough winter and an ice dam situation last winter, my home and its roof were in rough shape. The punctuality was fine, weather delayed the start of the roof work, so I recommend reading the long range weather forecast as you plan. I went with Mike because of my three vendor estimates his was in the middle — but most importantly, he was the sole contractor to provide over 100 references. I called four random references and each spoke Mike’s professionalism and high caliber work.

So, Angie;s List has really paid off for me and my family.

The only surprise for me was the small roof needed so many pieces of plywood replaced at $55 each. So the initial estimate of 7,800, which clearly explained the scope of the work and that any plywood over 5 sheets would cost $55 per sheet, thus rose my out of pocket total by $7,55. The work completed was excellent, and I only bring up this pricing item to warn others to prepare for a higher cost than the estimate. Due to my work, I was not able to present and count the removed plywood pieces that were replaced. I had to Spackle a few small spots on my bedroom where the roof work caused some of the plaster dry wall to release – three spots size of a quarter. I attribute this to the age of the house and due to the house not being able to “breath and vent” properly prior to Mike’s new roof. The house is venting moisture much better since the roof was installed.

I would most certainly recommend Mike and MyHomeSolutionsLLC to my friends and neighbors needing roofing replacement or repair services!

Mike and his crew replaced my roof. My house was built in the mid 80’s, and the roof was approximately 30 years old

I found MyHomeSolutionsLLC through Angie’s List after having fielded estimates from two other area companies. Of those companies, one had a sales process that was too complicated, time-consuming, and aggressive, and their price was astronomical. The other company who bid was too casual and also came in too high. Having done some roofing work as a young man, and having worked as a carpenter, I am familiar with the estimate process, cost of labor and materials, potential contract pitfalls, and generic approaches that ignore specific issues or put band-aids on them. When I read MyHomeSolutionsLLC List reviews, I called Mike and scheduled an appointment, and, unfortunately, I made it a little tough on him — I was overly ambitious. I had to reschedule twice, but he graciously accommodated me and I really appreciated that. Throughout the entire process, from introduction to estimate, to work, he was an excellent communicator and super responsive. In his estimation process, he was a good listener and he was thorough. His price was some 40% less than the nearest bid, but that’s not the main reason I went with Mike. He was personable and authentic — I felt I could trust him. It made clear all of the steps and deliverable s, and it included things that the other companies charge extra for. In the event that some of your sheets are damaged (which mine were not), his price per sheet is excellent. When I signed the contract, which I did on the very day when I met him (I would have never done this had I not already met with other companies), he understandably wrote a window of time for the work into the contract, but he said he would probably perform the work within two weeks. I was a little dubious about that, but sure enough, he was good for his word. His crew was efficient, conscientious about making a job site of my house and yard, and they were in and out in two days. Clean-up was excellent. Mike and I inspected the work, and they did everything that was contracted, and they did it well. In summary, I highly recommend MyHomeSolutionsLLC, for their quality work, for the way the company is run, and for the force of character that Mike possesses. It is not often that you will find a contractor with this level of integrity.

My Home Solutions LLC removed my roof that had three layers on it and replace with a new plywood, and a new roof

Mike was very knowledgeable and arranged a time to meet around my work schedule. He explained every step of the process of the roof and gave me a breakdown of the cost. The price was affordable and included good quality materials. The team kept me informed of the timeline for the roof and was completed in the range they quoted me. The guys that did the roof was very good. They were efficient and hardworking even in temperatures of high 80s in direct sunlight. They were tidy and cleaned up after themselves. They also went above and beyond in the following ways. They Included removing the old insulation from the roof. They also was very considerate of the neighbors car since the houses were close and helped move it. They also took a look at my other neighbors roof and made some repairs as a favor for using his driveway to store stuff. I can’t say enough about how good My Home Solutions LLC did. I would highly recommend for your roofing needs.

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